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Yamato Restaurant"


Yamato – the original design and elegant interior design

We focused mainly on restaurant cleanliness of the work performed. We get only what we give to their friends. We offer traditional Japanese dishes, a wide selection of Japanese sake and sushi, and of course, the preparation of which is carefully devote several years. We look forward to your visit.
Marek Hora & Lukáš Vích

Kobe steak

There is a Japanese saying: “Everyone should taste the real Japanese Kobe meat at least once in one’s lifetime. ” And it is the original Japanese “Kobe wagyu steak” we are directly importing from Japan with its highest quality 5A+ that we would like to present to you. It is an incomparable beef characterized with its signature taste, tenderness, and juiciness.


Sake, also called “Nihonshu”, is a very delicate and sophisticated drink made from fermented rice. You may find a wide variety of Sake in our menu. We offer the finest selection of Sake in many forms: as an aperitif, sparkled, one made with yuzu citrus flavor, and many more from different parts of Japan. This drink is the perfect complement to any dish. May we also suggest trying it with our carefully selected tasting menu.

Menu No.1

Appetizer, main course and dessert
Price: €19 (456CZK)/person

Menu No.2

Appetizer, main course and dessert
Price: €24 (576CZK)/person

Menu No.3

Appetizer, main course and dessert
Price: €29 (696CZK)/person

Assistance or Phone Bookings: +420 608 802 103

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*Yamato Restaurant

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