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The Best of Swan Lake by P. I. Tchaikovsky


“The Best of Swan Lake” is a most enjoyable and memorable performance which showcases the most beautiful parts and encompasses the full story of the famous ballet by the top dancers - soloists of leading Czech ballet scenes (chamber cast).

Hybernia Theater is one of the best places to enjoy art and culture in the center of Prague. Hybernia Theater often draws in large crowds who mainly go to watch musicals, as well as ballets and concerts.


The storyline is also most captivating. The show opens with a prologue where a young woman named Odette is seen at a beautiful lake. Here, she has an encounter with the evil Rothbart who curses her and dooms her to a life as a swan.

Act I

The first act is set in the royal court where the Prince is in the mood to celebrate his 18th birthday. Celebrating with him are the people of the town and other royal families from nearby. In vibrant outfits, they put up a dazzling performance for the Prince. The arrival of the Queen is announced and she presents her son with the gift of a stunning crossbow. As the celebrations go on, the Prince is told by the Queen that he has to choose a bride and it has to be done before the Royal Ball that is to be held the very next evening. When the celebrations end, the Prince heads to the lake to think about his big decision.

Act II

It is near this lake that has been dubbed Swan Lake that the Prince catches a glimpse of a gorgeous girl. He follows her to the look where he sees a beautiful swan with a crown on her head. When night falls, the Swan Queen transforms into the gorgeous maiden Odette and the Prince is completely taken by her. They talk and he learns about the curse placed on her and her friends by the wicked sorcerer. He also learns that the enchanted Swan Lake was formed by the tears of Odette's parents who wept over the curse placed on her. Only the love of a pure young man who will marry her can break the curse. The two share an emotional, romantic ballet dance; the Prince is head over heels in love.


The following evening comes and the Royal Ball begins. The Prince dances with a number of girls at his mother's request but his mind remains on Odette. Rothbart arrives at the ball with his daughter Odile disguised as Odette. The Prince does not realise that the woman in front of him is not the real Odette. The two share another romantic ballet dance. Odette watches from a window. When the Prince proclaims his eternal love for the disguised Odile, Odette leaves in despair. However, the Prince soon catches on and he leaves to find the real Odette.

Act IV

Back at Swan Lake, a heartbroken Odette is consoled by other swans. The Prince eventually finds her at the lake and explains the trick that had been played on him by Odile. Odette forgives him. The reunion is interrupted by the arrival of Rothbart who starts a fight with the Prince. Rothbart demands that the Prince marries Odile as he had promised. The two start to fight. The Prince wins the fight. Rothbart is killed. The Prince declares his undying love for Odette and the curse is broken. The two live happily ever after.

Again and again

The Best of Swan Lake is one of the best ballet shows you could sit down to watch in Hybernia Theatre, Prague. Indeed, it is a show that many have sat down to watch again and again to take in the dazzling ballet dances and singing. If you are ever in Prague, do not leave until you watch this show; it is one of the best experiences you will ever have in this city.


Category VIP (row 7-11) - 1350 CZK

Category VIP (Student/Senior) - 1250 CZK

Category VIP (Children 8-12 years) - 675 CZK

Category A (row 1-6 and 12-20) - 1150 CZK

Category A (Student/Senior) - 1050 CZK

Category A (Children 8-12 years) - 575 CZK

Category B (row 21-24) - 950 CZK

Category B (Student/Senior) - 850 CZK

Category B (Children 8-12 years) - 475 CZK

Category C (row 25-32) - 750 CZK

Category C (Student/Senior) - 650 CZK

Category C (Children 8-12 years) - 375 CZK

Children up to 8 years are free of charge.


The music to the ballet is played from a recording.

Performed by the top dancers - soloists of leading Czech ballet scenes (chamber cast).

Duration: 105 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission

Category VIP and A - assigned seating

Category B and C - open seating - seats are not assigned


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*The Best of Swan Lake by P. I. Tchaikovsky

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