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The Best of Romeo and Juliet - Ballet


Enjoy famous ballet Romeo and Juliet in Prague at the Hybernia Theatre.

The Best of Romeo and Juliet brings whole story in abridged version (the most beautiful parts) performed by the top dancers - soloists of leading Czech ballet scenes (chamber cast) and accompanied by recorded music in high quality. Hybernia is modern theatre with ideal acoustics and good views of the stage from all seating area. Theatre is located in center Prague.

Duration: 100 minutes, including 15 minutes intermission


Act One

The 14th century
In the northern Verona City, there live two rivaling families, the Montages, and the Capulets. At Capulet’s Palace there is a masked ball, and there Tybalt (her cousin) and Paris (her suitor) eagerly wait for Juliet’s arrival. Capulet confidently presents his daughter Juliet, and the revelers exclaim at Juliet’s beauty. Juliet is excited at the occasion’s atmosphere and majestically walks into the room amid the singing of freedom of the youth. Romeo a son to Montage is also at the ball with his best friend Mercutio and he notices Juliet from a distance. He confidently approaches her, Romeo, and Juliet experiences intense attraction. When Tybalt sees this, he is enraged and points out to Capulet about Romeo as Montage’s son who has intruded the event. Immediately, Capulet restrain Tybalt and orders that the party to go on. Romeo and Juliet kiss passionately, although they do not know even each other by name. Later when Romeo discovers that Juliet is Capulet’s daughter from her nurse, he becomes upset. On the other hand, when, Juliet also learns that the young man that she liked was Montage’s son she equally gets distraught. After the ball event, Romeo sneaks into Capulet’s garden and sings under the balcony of Juliet, confessing his deep feelings for Juliet. Romeo then gets out of the darkness, and he opens his heart. Although he is aware of the risk in doing this, he still wants to be around Juliet.

Act Two

Romeo rushes to see Friar Lawrence his friend, who agrees to marry the two lovers. The next day, Romeo and Juliet meets at Lawrence’s room, and they are married. Juliet’s Nurse who is privy to these happening procures a ladder that Romeo will use to climb into Juliet’s room for the wedding night. That afternoon a fight breaks out between Montagues and the Capulets families and Tybalt kills Mercutio. Romeo was reluctant to get involved in the duel until now that his good friend Mercutio is killed he strongly feels obliged to avenge of which he does and kills Tybalt. After that, Romeo fears Juliet would not like to see him anymore that he has killed Tybalt Juliet’s cousin and further plunged the families into a greater war. He stops to worry as they enjoy a night of embrace and spend a great time together. Juliet then pretends to be mourning the death of Tybalt but in true sense crying for Romeo her beloved who has gone into exile. To further complicate matters, Juliet’s mother decides that Juliet will marry the Paris. Although Juliet protests, her mother will hear none of it even though she does not know her daughter is married already. There then, Juliet rushes to Friar Lawrence and the two make a plan the night before her wedding with Paris. The plan is Juliet will drink a concoction that will make her appear dead. After she has been laid to rest in the family crypt, Romeo and Friar will secretly remove here, and she will be now free to live with Romeo without her parent’s disturbance. Unfortunately, when Romeo hears of Juliet’s death without hearing from Friar, he goes ahead and kills himself because he cannot live without Juliet. Romeo then buys poison and then goes to visit Capulet family tomb on seeing Juliet’s lifeless body he drinks the poison and dies by her side. When Juliet wakes up and sees that her beloved Romeo has died by poison she kisses Romeo’s lips, and when that cannot kill her she pushes a dagger into her chest, and there she falls dead on his body. When the two rivaling families come and see their children’s lifeless bodies, they decide to end their long-standing feuds and raise gold statues in their honor of their children side by side marking a peaceful Verona.


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Children under 8 years free of charge.

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